Small Square Foot Gardens

I recently visited a beautiful site with small square foot gardens.

Small Square Foot Garden

3 foot by 5 foot Square Foot Garden

The gardens were either 4 feet by 4 feet or 3 feet by 5 feet. They are marked off by green string instead of wood like my garden.

Also, notice that the gardens have only a 4-6 inche border. This garden area is raised above a limestone base with probably about 6-12 inches of soil.  If you have read my earlier post on Design Rules for a Square Foot Garden, I recommend 12-18 inches of soil.

Another example fromt he same garden is shown below:


Basil Planted in Four Foot by Four Foot Square Foot Garden

Basil Planted in Four Foot by Four Foot Square Foot Garden


It is a four by four foot garden planted with Basil. The Basil is planted one per square.

What is the smallest square foot garden you have seen? Send me a picture and I’ll post it!

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3 Responses to “Small Square Foot Gardens”

  1. Coletta Coombe Says:

    Some really great points made! I really enjoy the web site! If you would be interested in having up to ten times the amount of vegetables you are currently growing using the same amount of space check this out.

  2. Kala Prichard Says:

    great stuff

  3. Jignesh Says:

    I had mine built with 2 6 but I had them made 4ft x 6ft. I have used them now for 5 years and love gardening this way. I have more cotornl over the weeds and I don’t seem to get as many pests. But my favorite part about these beds is the fact that I can actually plant at least one month before everyone else does because if I watch the weather report I know if I need to go out and cover the beds with plastic over night. These beds protect your seedlings from the wind too. I keep sheets of plastic like a paint drop cloth rolled up at the end of each bed if I need to cover I just pull the plastic over the bed and secure it with dirt or rocks. I doubt I will ever garden any other way again.Hope this helps. Enjoy

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