Peppers are In!

We grow bell peppers in our square foot garden and they are maturing very well this year!

We live in the south and the weather has been cooler and wetter than normal. This only happens once in a decade and the plants love it.

Sweet Peppers

A Bell Pepper ready to harvest!

Pepper plants can take the heat but I have found that they grow best in the 75-85 degree F temperature range. When it gets above 95 or so, the plants don’t produce flowers and therefore no peppers. We get a flourish of production in the late spring and then again in the late fall. It usually gets in the mid 90s or so here by now so this has been great!

We plant bell peppers, also known as sweet peppers. My family eats these raw. just cut it open, remove the seeds, rinse, and it is ready to eat.

You too can produce your own food. It is not rocket science. It doesn’t even take very much time. These plants were planted as seedlings and now we get all of the food we want.


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  1. Adilson Says:

    firstly cut the peppers and put them in mini cpeohpr with some oil and lemon and then put the mix into a container and freeze it that way you can use it all year roundyou can even make different flavour portions likepeppers and parsley chopped togetherpeppers and garlic chopped togetherpeppers and cilantro chopped togetheretc . then you have more variety til next yearsecondly you can use the crushed chillies in:salsa, soups, omlettes, part of a chicken marinade, on top of fish, in prawns, in a curry, in a pasta sauce, in a chilli, as a marinade in bbq meats, chinese spare ribs hot n spicy etc .hot peppers are a difficult thing to have on their own so why not freeze the chopped portions and use em all year round (to use simply scrape what you need with a spoon or leave to defrost for a bit, use and re freeze or make ice cube portions and that way you can defros one piece at a time and keep in the fridge for about 2 weeks then go for the next bit you can even give some to people you know to try Was this answer helpful?

  2. Green Thumb Says:

    Great answer! My daughter makes pesto and other mixes and freezes them for later.

    Food storage using freezing is one of the simplest approaches. I like your ice cube tray idea as well. Thank You!

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