Information as Food

I saw this video today, a TED talk, with a gentleman who urges us to consider that our bodies need information just the same as the need food. He urges us to consider that we need to feed information nourish us, and that different people need to prepare the information for consumption in different ways.

Go here to see his speech…

Information is cheap now. The availability of information has now exceeded human capability to use it. The internet is a revolution for mankind in that one of the great limitations for the expression of the mind has been removed. Other limitations such as time, nourishment, willpower, and the economic environment to express the capabilities will always be with us. I believe that we are truly at a dawn where the most able minds now have access to the intellectual food that can make the expression of their mental gifts possible. We have just only started seeing the ramifications of this upon the world.

Unleash yourself. Feed yourself fresh food from your garden and fresh information. Keep you body and mind alive.

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  1. Sara Says:

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