Garlic is coming in!

Garlic is one of the easiest plants in the world to grow. Throw it in the ground in the fall, don’t do much, and in the spring, you get garlic everywhere!

Garlic Bulbils on the stalk in the garden

Garlic Bulbils in the Square Foot Garden

The bulbs are planted in the garden pointy side up. A green stalk forms and grows into a small 18inch-ish size plant.

The leaves are edible while it is growing, but you don’t want to harvest too many from any one plant.

The one clove that you plant grows and splits into multiple cloves.

Depending on the type you planted, you may get a hard stalk that grows in the spring and forms a bulbil. This is like a flower but instead of a bloom, you get a whole bunch of little garlic cloves. There is some debate on whether you want these or not. Some people cut the stalk off so that the energy of the plant if focused on growing the cloves/bulb and not the “flower”.  Some argue that the flower should be left and that this will result in better cloves in the ground for next year’s plantings. Both may be right.

The little Garlic Bulbils from the Garlic Flower in the square foot garden

Baby Garlic!

As you can see, the garlic looks good. I am going to leave most of it in the ground until the bottom 4-5 leaves turn brown while the top is still green.

At harvest time, you can dig up your garlic and put it in a dry place with some air circulation. The can be eaten anytime!


Garlic before drying in the square foot garden

Garlic Before Drying


Garlic is one of the simplist plants to grow, it take very little work, and just about everybody (except vampires of course) loves it.

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2 Responses to “Garlic is coming in!”

  1. Sara Says:

    you could get herbs that are babies and alaredy planted at garden centers at places like lowes or home depot.or you could start with seeds and plant them in some planters with some good soil and some water, with the sun coming it’s perfect time to start one. start with basil, or rosemary. be sure to label all of your pots.

  2. Green Thumb Says:

    Great advice. I buy my seeds online, from local stores and big box stores as well. I support both the big box stores and our local nursuries.

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