Garlic at Maturity in a Square Foot Garden

The picture below is of a square foot garden planted at the recommended density for Garlic.

9 garlic bulbs per 1 square foot

Densly planted garlic ready to be harvested

The density should be about 9 bulbs per 1 square foot, planted evenly. This gives enough room for each bulb to develop.

The picture shows it looking a bit crowded but actually it is perfect.

If you grow garlic longer, it will form what looks like a bulge in a stem and produce bulbils. I have written on this before

Much of the garlic produced now is done in China. Although there have been many food scandals coming out of China, I don’t know how they grow the garlic and what the spray on it. If it grows in my garden, I know exactly how it was grown!

I recommend that everybody grow and store their own garlic. It is easy to grow, undemanding, it is disease and pest resistant, and delicious.

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