Gardening in the News

There is lots of gardening news this week. Here are some of the more interesting stories:

Gardening in Church: Churches are introducing gardening all around the country and the world. In Virginia, this church started gardening for fellowship, teaching, and for learning life skils.

“I’d like to see churches all over the place do a little something with gardening,” said Anthony G. Hankins, an education support specialist at the cooperative extension’s Virginia State University office. “There’s great fellowship in gardening. There’s time to laugh and have fun and enjoy the food.”

I recently also saw pictures of a raised bed garden at a Dripping Springs church.

 – Heat Wave – Big parts of the USA are under a heat wave. Most people know about the cold zones across the US. Did you know there is a heat zone map as well. Days over 86 degrees are counted across different zone. Lesser known is the American Horticultural Society’s heat zone map, which delineates zones based on the annual number of “heat days,” those above 86 degrees.

 – Free class coming up in Austin on Rainwater Harvesting. I am crazy about rain water harvesting. Free water, fresh, natural, and ready for your thirsty garden. Come learn how!

Rainwater Harvesting in a Thirsty World
Saturday, August 11, 2012, 10am-12pm
Zilker Botanical Garden

Turn water scarcity into water abundance! New filtration and treatment technologies make rainwater harvesting relatively easy. Rainwater harvesting systems can be installed in existing buildings or incorporated into new construction. Master Gardener Ed Parken will discuss how to conceptualize, design, and implement sustainable water-harvesting systems for your home and landscape.

 – Healing in the garden – Trouble teens are finding rest and peace in a garden in Missouri!


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