Five Reasons to have a Pond in your Garden

Ponds are an incredible addition to any garden. They don’t just add beauty, but they add incredible life to your garden.


1. Attracts wildlife

Ponds attract a huge amound of wildlife that would otherwise not be in the garden. Birds, Frogs/Toads, Dragonflies, Raccoons, Possums, Deer (if they have access), Crawfish, and many others. The life that is in a pond will attract many others. Herons will see the water from miles away and come visit to appreciate (and eat) your fish.

2. Controls mosquitos

Yes, Ponds can reduce mosquitos in your garden. Any pond that you add to the garden should have fish. Some people just put in little “Mosquito Fish” which look like little Minnows. Other load up their ponds with beautiful Koi. One thing they all have in common is they love Mosquito larva. Your pond will actually reduce mosquitos!

3. Attracts birds

Birds are naturally attracted to water. When you add a pond to your garden, birds will seek out the water to drink and take a bath. Another great benefit is that the birds love to eat bugs.

 4. Pond Beauty

Ponds bring visual, auditory, and tactile experiences. A pond can add serenity to any garden landscape. You will want to spend more time in your garden just to enjoy the sound of moving water and to watch the fish glide effortlessly through the water.

5. A pond is a micro-climate

Ponds have many functions including to create an area where the climate can be quite different than elsewhere in your garden. You can plant different types of plants near the water which will enjoy additional sun due to the reflection from the water. The water acts also to stabilize temperature and, depending on the size of the pond, can help protect some of your plants from frost. The increase in humidity near a pond will also provide benefits to some of your plants close to the pond.

Ponds contribute what is called a stacking function. This means that a pond feature contributes more than one thing. This is also called an element with multiple functions. This means that a pond multiplies your benefits.

I have built many ponds and I would encourage you to start small and to build the beauty and variety in your garden!


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