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Gardening Excuses Part 1

Growing food is not only simple, it is a critical step towards your independence.

It involves a little bit of work and time, both precious. Gardening competes with other priorities. It is time to get serious about growing your own food.

As with any change in your life, you much first start by making a decision. For example, losing weight is about first deciding that you will not accept the status quo and that you want to reach a destination different from where you are headed today. Gardening is also about making a decision first. It is not about wanting to “try” to be better. It is not about “doing your best”. It is about the decision to take control and taking concrete steps. Gardening is easy, but you much start with the decision that you want to grow your own food and that you will not be deterred by the many obstacles that will inevitably stand in your way.

Here are excuses I hear:

1. I Wish, I Wish, I Wish:

I have people stop by and tell me that “your garden is beautiful. I wish I could do that”. Wishing is for people who aspire for things that they do not care enough to reach. “I wish I could win the lottery, then all of my problems would be solved”. Huh? Your odds of a great garden aren’t any higher than the odds of winning the lottery if all you do is wish for it. I am advocating for hope, for the realization of dreams, not the pointlessness of wishing for something that will never come due to a lack of courage to take action. Every journey begins with a step. And then another, and another.

2. If only I had time…

Others say ‘I would have a garden like this if I had the time”. This is utter nonsense. Most people have so many projects or work going on at any time, it is a wonder how you could have time to garden. But it is about a choice. A choice about what is important and to make time for it. Also, do you know how little time is involved in beginning gardening? Not much at all.  If you set up the garden properly, you can minimize the maintenance and maximize the rewards.  I will teach you how to do this.

Black Thumb - Please Don't Kill My Plant Cartoon

3. Black Thumb?

“I have a black thumb”. “Everything I try to grow dies”. This is just an excuse. Did you know how to walk when you were born? Did you eat steak and potatoes or mother’s milk on that day?  You learned the basic skills of all people one step at a time. If you stink at gardening, welcome to the club. I was a really terrible gardener. I hated gardening when I was younger. The realization that I could do it, that it was important to me and my family, and that everyone can do this, was liberating. So you have a history of horticultural death? Get over it. Life begets more life. Start small. Literally “Taste” success. You can do this. I will show you how.

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